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ensol: Hi there! So I'm transferring to either UH or HPU. I'm originally from Oahu and tons of my family members have gone to UH but I haven't heard anything about HPU! Would you recommend it and why? Thanks :)

Hey! So I would definitely recommend HPU due to one of the most obvious reasons, the small class size. I personally love getting to know the professors and have more of a one-on-one experience rather than just being another student in the classroom. Once you get into your major classes, the professors will go out of their way and offer to help you with anything! You also get to know people a lot more since you tend to have classes with another (even in gen. ed classes). Other than that, you are going to one of the most diverse universities in the United States! There are so many islanders, mainlanders and international people that attend HPU that you really get a unique experience!